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Legal Information to Help You Make Smart Choices

Meet Christopher Sharpe, an attorney who wants you to have the information and know how make the right choices. An attorney who will give you enough information, so that you have the know how to get a good result.

Chris has been a personal injury lawyer for three decades. He is helpful, knowledgeable, and honest about Washington State personal injury law. Chris knows that serious injuries can disrupt a life and ruin a career. He has helped hundreds of clients recover what they have lost in an accident. Chris has a passion for justice, especially when a law-abiding citizen has become the victim of a careless person’s negligence. He is a compassionate listener who empathizes with the loss and confusion that can overwhelm a victim with significant injuries. Chris has spent his entire legal career sharing helpful hints about the law of personal injury. He has information in this website that you will find helpful.

Information to enlighten; information to move you toward solutions for your injury claim. Chris every day provides solid ideas in the form of helpful hints and practice pointers so you will know what to do and when to do it. Helpful hints so you can understand case value and what you can do to improve your case value.

Lets Talk about Your Case.

Personal injury claims such as an Auto accident, Construction site injury, Fatality, Third party claim, and other negligence based claims have similar legal requirements. They each require proof of the following:

  • Negligence, otherwise known as fault. There must be some fault or a strict liability situation
  • Damages. Your losses are called damages. The extend of your damages is a measure of the money you can recover
  • The person or company that hurt you needs to be responsible. That means they need money or insurance. If not your insurance may help.

If you can meet these requirements, you can get a good result in your case.

This Is Important:

Chris wants you to know that personal injury cases aren't just won or lost. They have a greater or lesser value.

  • Case value is improved by acting on the knowledge of what works and why.
  • Case value is diminished if you close your eyes and hope for the best.
  • Get involved, get informed, get on the road to medical and financial recovery.

Want information? Check out the Law Library in this website. Spend a few minutes or a few hours and get up to speed on the law and how it applies to your claim. Learn what the insurance company thinks of your claim and what you can do about it.

Got questions? Give us a call at 206-456-2700 or send a message, contact us. We have answers.

Got a problem? Let's talk about it. We just might have a solution for you.

Don't need a lawyer, or not sure? Check out his website. There is information here to help you figure it out. Still not sure? Give us a call. It may be that with a little guidance or counseling you can get things moving in the right direction and DIY.

Need a lawyer? Check us out. Maybe Chris will take your case, maybe not. Show us what you got, and we'll figure it out together. If we're not taking your case we can direct you to someone who may be able to help. If Chris thinks a lawyer other than himself is better situated to help with your case, he will tell you so. Promise. You deserve a lawyer with the skill, expertise, and time for you and your case.

I want you to understand this. A first class personal injury case is built, it doesn’t just happen. Your retention of the evidence, the quality and quantity of medical care you get, and the solid documentation of how this injury affects your life – all makes a difference. A difference that can be measured by the dollars you will or won’t get for your efforts. Get the advice that will make your case a winner, before too much time passes.

When to get legal advice? You can look at it this way. When a lawyer works on a contingency, it costs you the same amount to have him for your entire case start to finish as it does to hire him at the end. From the start he can make timely recommendations to improve the value of your case and your medical situation. Get five star effective legal advice and improve the value of your personal injury case.

Professional Memberships

  • Washington State Bar Association
  • King County Bar Association
  • Washington State Association for Justice (Trial Lawyers, Eagle Member)
  • Workers Injury & Litigation Group (WILG)

Court Admissions

  • Supreme Court of Washington State
  • District Court for Western Washington
  • District Court of Appeals
  • Supreme Court of the United States

Honors and Awards

  • AVVO - 10.0 Superb Rating
  • WILG, National Top 100 Injured Workers' Attorneys
  • National Top 100 Attorneys
  • Global Directory of Who's Who Top Lawyer


  • University of Washington
    BA degree in Psychology (1973)
  • University of Puget Sound
    Juris Doctor in Law (1977)
  • Continuing Legal Education

Military Accomplishments

  • Army Infantry Combat Medical Badge
  • Vietnam Service Medal
  • Vietnam Campaign Medal
  • 5 Bronze Stars
  • 1 Purple Heart

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