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If you're looking for an experienced lawyer to answer your Washington Personal Injury questions, you’ve come to the right place. For more than 30 years Christopher Sharpe has helped injured persons with their Washington accident and injury cases.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, he has seen it all and learned the finer points of the law. He shares the best of personal injury law with you on his website. This website gives you access to information you can use to make smart decisions about your case. Check out our law library .Call us for free advice. If appropriate, let us help with your case or make a timely referral to a lawyer who can help further.

How to Find Personal Injury Law on this Website:

Personal injury claim law is both similar and different for each type of law.

  • The similar part is that all personal injury claims are about who is at fault (liability), and for what and how much do they have to pay (damages).
  • The differences in personal injury law show up when looking at the type of law. Find your type of case below and click on it for more information.

How will an Accident and Injury Attorney Help Me?

Phone Calls Answered – We answer our phones during business hours. You call us, and we will talk to you about your case and answer your questions for free.

Informational Website – You are now looking at the most comprehensive personal injury website in Washington State, period. Invest your time here. Learn about personal injury law and how to get a fair result for your case.

Referrals to Free Services – Many people who contact us don’t need an attorney and we are quick to tell them so. We will make referrals to non-legal help services if that’s all it takes to get the job done.

Legal Representation – If you should have legal help to make your claim work, we’ll talk to you about that. If you would benefit from a referral to a lawyer, consider it done.

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