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How Much Do Lawyers Charge?

Attorney Fees – Each law firm has its own fee agreement. Read and understand that fee agreement. Ask questions. Get answers from the lawyer you believe in and you can trust.

Lawyers charge either an hourly and/or a contingent fee. Most personal injury fee agreements are contingent fee agreements. Contingent means you only pay an attorney fee if the lawyer recovers money for you.  Your fee is a percentage of the money recovery. Percentages vary among attorneys, and the percentage may even change in the same agreement, depending on whether a lawsuit is filed. Contingency fees generally range from 33 1/3% to 40%.

Case Costs – Costs are extra. A case cost is not an attorney fee. A case cost is money the attorney spends on your case.

Let’s talk about the difference between attorney fees and case costs, using medical records as an example. It is the lawyer’s job to get, read, organize, and use your medical records. This is legal work and it is part of the attorney fee. It is not a case cost. Case costs come from the doctor’s office when they charge your lawyer for a copy of the medical records. That charge is a case cost. Most lawyers will pay that cost on your behalf and bill you for it later.

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