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Defective Product Design

A truck driver's biggest worry should be keeping his run on time and his rig between the white lines. Turns out he also has to concern himself with whether his own trailer is going to run him over. Our client Randy was hooking up the air brakes of his trailer to the truck. The trailer brakes released, and the trailer rolled forward, and Randy was pinned between the trailer and the rig. It appeared to most everyone that he simply forgot to set the trailer brake before he went to hook the rig up to the trailer. Randy said it didn’t happen that way. We believed him.

We researched the law – no help. We hired a private investigator – dead end. We filed a lawsuit and took the deposition of the trailer company’s safety expert. BINGO. His answer to the question, has this ever happened before was equivocal. We knew there was something there – and with more investigation we found it.

Turns out that because of a bad design their trailer brake released when its brake lines were hooked up to a truck. That was a bad idea and we proved it was a defective product design.

Randy lost his leg, but we fought hard and got him a lifetime L&I workers compensation pension and a million-dollar settlement under the personal injury third party claim.

Denial of Medical Treatment

A good person through no fault of his own suffers a serious accident and injury. He is mentally depressed and physically not healed when the IME doctors, and the insurance company cut off his medical and closes his claim with no settlement.

This man considers suicide but keeps it together long enough to call our law office and ask for help.

Result: At the Sharpe Law Firm, we let the insurance company know the days of mistreating this person are over. He is now our client. We object to their actions and get them to recognize the fact that this man's depression is the result of his injury. The client receives mental health treatment and additional surgery. We stick with the case and get a good settlement for our client.

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