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What to Expect If You Call the Sharpe Law Firm

Your call will be answered or at the very least returned the next business day. We have time to talk to you. We have the expertise to know what to say. We invite your questions and before you say goodbye to us you will have answers.

Your text will be replied to. We can answer your questions and send you links to the information you seek.

Your situation is very important to us. Give us a call or send a message, and see for yourself.

We have information. We are going to review your situation and give you information. For example:

  • If all you need at this time is information, we will give it to you or show you where you can get it.
  • If you don’t need an attorney, and you probably can do it yourself, we will tell you so.
  • If you would benefit from legal help, we will invite you to come see us or we’ll refer you to another attorney if we think they would be a better match for you and your case.

Medical care is important. We will share information about the value and necessity of medical care for you. Good medical care improves lives and physical function. Medical care is also the basis upon which insurance companies and juries evaluate your claim’s value. Expert care by the right medical specialist will improve the value of your claim. If we can give you more information about your specific injuries, we are glad to be of service.

What to Expect If We Take Your Case

We’re going to get to know you. We will find out about your injuries and losses. We’ll ask you how this accident impacts your life. We will show you how you can help us prove your case.

We contact the insurance company or the person who injured you. We inform them of our representation. We will get them thinking that they should have treated you better.

We pay attention to your medical bills. All the doctors want to be paid. We will explore PIP coverage, medical pay policies, health insurance and medical liens.

We investigate the facts of your case. If there is a police report we get it. If there are administrative investigations, we hunt them down. If there are known witnesses, we interview them. We leave no stone unturned in our search for the facts and the truth.

We check in with you periodically. We keep an eye on your recovery and your medical care. We gather medical bills and reports. We pay attention to wage loss and demand PIP or wage pay if appropriate. We monitor the progress of your case. We continue to talk to you about how your life has been impacted and how that affects the value of your case.

We write the insurance company, give them a package of information and demand payment from them for your injuries, losses, inconvenience, pain and suffering. We negotiate fearlessly with the insurance company. We push to settle your case for a fair amount.

We file a lawsuit on your behalf, if your case doesn’t settle. We tirelessly litigate your case. We send interrogatories, we schedule depositions, we file motions, and we attend the required settlement conferences. We work your case up and prepare for trial. We associate with co-counsel if appropriate. We continue to push for settlement, but if it isn’t going to happen, we take your case to a judge and jury. We get justice for you, whatever it takes. We make the insurance company wish they had settled.

Expect the Best

Expect the best when you contact us. We want a good result just as much as you do. We’ll work hard and smart to make that happen.

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